Free Podcast -Jewish Intimacy: The Mind and Body Connection

Submitted by Talli on Thu, 06/07/2018 - 13:25
This interview with Chana Deutsch focuses on emotional and physical intimacy on the context of Orthodox Judaism.
We explore the questions:
  • In what ways is sexuality a part of the developing self?
  • How do we address the cognitive dissonance involved in the expectation to refrain for all physical touch with the opposite gender until marriage, but have sexual intercourse on the wedding night?
  • How does emotional intimacy affect physical intimacy, and vice versa?
  • What lies at the core of sexual shame and embarrassment?
  • How can Orthodox Judaism as a culture, engage with sexuality in a healthy way?
The following are excerpts from Talli's presentation
  • "At the foundation of a passionate marriage, is a feeling of full autonomy and consent for each partner."
  • "When sex is presented as a goal to accomplish, it feels like a chore and not an opportunity for communicating love, caring, bonding and affection."
  • "We need to reframe sexuality away from women feeling obligated to provide for their husbands needs. Both men and women are wired for connection and long for intimacy."
Listen to the full interview here